Chao Phraya River is rich in arts and cultures the way you cannot see in anywhere else in the world. Ancient architecture and temples standing for hundred years are waiting for visitor to pay respect to beautiful Buddha image inside. Let’s get to know 9 riverside temples you can visit in one day by luxury yacht.

Wat Yannawa

Wat Yannawa was used to name Wat Khok Khwai or buffalo’s stall in Thai. Big barque boat is located in the temple attract a lot of tourists. Moreover, this boat was built for instruction of King Rama III. The boat was made of ferro-concrete with has 2 pagodas instead of masts which was reproduced from the real one appeared in Thai history. This mean you cannot find this kind of boat easily nowadays. You can also walk up to watch sacred item on it.

Wat Prayurawongsawas Warawihan

This is one of the most ancient temples in Thailand which was built in King Rama III’s period. The locals know it as Wat Rua Lek or iron fence temple in Thai since in the beginning, there was an imported iron fence from England for king’s palace but King Rama III didn’t like it so it was moved to be the temple’s fence instead. Thai’s style Buddhist temple, imitated mountain, where living so many turtles, big cannon monument, museum where showcases Buddha’s relics from Sri Lanka.

Wat Kalyanamitr

This temple’s name, main royal building and principle Buddha image, the great Luang Pho To, were given by King Rama III. This royal building has beautiful painting on its wall telling religious beliefs and locals’ tale. There are pagoda which was made of stone imported from China and the biggest bell in Thailand, both located in the area of the temple.

Wat Arun Ratchawaramahawihan

This famous has the other name as Wat Chaeng and full of fine arts and architectures from Ayutthaya era. The great stupa decorated with glazed tile from China is not the only one thing most attractive. White and green impressive giant guarded at the temple’s door express Chinese art with colorful glazed tile and big bat.

Wat Rakhang Khositaram Woramahawihan

One of beautiful Chao Praya riverside temple from Ayutthaya era. Ancient bell was discovered in the temple area, so this is why it is called Wat Rakhang or Bell temple in Thai.  You can explore golden palace and religion library of King Rama I with delicate and breathtaking painting.

Wat Amarintharam

This temple was called Wat Bang Wa Noi before King Rama I has named it ‘Wat Amarintharam’. The historical attitude of subduing Mara is located in the building. There is a story telling makes locals have a faith in this place that this temple got no harm even the bomb was drop to destroy the whole area.

Wat Kharueha Bodi

Wat Kharueha Badi is one of the beautiful temple with Rama III era’s architecture. All the buildings in this temple area was inspired by outstanding Chinese arts, and Buddha statue was also inspired by Chiang Saen or north of Thailand’s arts.

Wat Thewarat Kunchorn Worawiharn

This temple was established to be the royal one and given name by King Rama IV. Arts of Rattanakosin era features in every corner and painting inside the building, and Sino-Portuguese teak wooden building which is the museum is also something you cannot miss.

Wat Rajadhiwas Viharn

Riverside temple which was renovated for so many time in each Chakri’s era. It’s also well-known as origin of Dhammyuttika clergy which is one that intended to revive Buddhism in Thailand. Sermon hall which is made of teak wood with gorgeous wall panting.