Cruising along Chao Praya River is one of the popular activity. The wind through your hair, the view flashing by and boat rocket to the surface of the water make your heart stumbling. There still be 6 things waiting for you when you are on board.  


The view of both sides of the Chao Praya River is one thing you must see when you are cruising in Thailand. You will see local’s lifestyle, temples and 100 years building alongside with modern one. Every bridge are linking between lands with some people who love fishing. Various kind of boat’s traffic is very interesting and enjoy to watch. Grab your favorite drink and enjoy them!

Taking a Photo 

Tourist landmark at Chao Praya’s riverside you can take a nice photo with such as ASIATIQUE, ICONSIAM, Wat Arun and Tha Maharaj which is very attractive from the morning until nightfall. We recommended you to explore the church, chapel or religious place around and take some nice photos as your new good memories. A shot on the motion luxury yacht is recommended as well if you would like to reach more likes in your social media.   

Temples Visiting

Visiting temples, making merit and paying respect to Buddha are also must be added in to-do list when you plan to take a cruise. The temples around Chao Praya river are rich in culture and ancient art such as Wat Kanlayanamit, Wat Arun Ratchawararam, Wat Rakhang Khositaram Woramahawiharn, Wat Amarintharam and etc. This is a chance for visiting 9 temples in one day trip in Bangkok, Nonthaburi or Pathumthani.

Fish Feeding

Feeding fish is popular things to do among Thai and foreign tourist since it’s one of the famous unseen Thailand. Temple where is on the riverside normally set up the small and clean port for visitor to feed plenty fish lives while savor the river view. They have fish food for sale so don’t worry if you forget to bring some! 


There are great community mall along the riverside either like ASIATIQUE and Tha Maharaj where you can enjoy the view with no rush and buy some stuff, or you can go shopping all day at the mall like ICON SIAM which offer you a lot of product imported 500 brand names’ products from Japan, so make sure your credit card is ready!


Chao Praya river is full of famous riverside restaurants, fancy to street one. You can choose local, Chinese, international or Thai food where are open all day and night. One of the most dining experience is aboard the luxury yacht with cozy breeze, wonderful light and delicious dish can take you to another level. This is high recommended for your special date with your loved ones. 

Chao Praya river present Thailand’s culture and local life from the past until now. Cruising along this well-known river can be one of the best memory and activities of your Thailand trip you cannot miss. Explore the real sensation more than these words by cruising with Khana Yacht Charter!