Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the party or festivities yourself. You don’t have to work yourself into a frenzy to be the consummate host or hostess – all you need is a bit of planning, some organization, and a few helpful tips! Whether you’re having a casual home party, or planning an elegant soirée, here are tips from our experienced event organizer for hosting the perfect party.

1. Calculate How Many People You Should Invite

When figuring out your invite list, you’ll have to take into consideration how many people your place can comfortably fit. One easy method to figure this out is to left some space for comfortable and assume 15% of invitees wouldn’t becoming. If you know excactly number, that would be easy to prepare food and stuff. So while deciding on the guest list, try and call a group of your best friends and people who have some familiarity. But the rule of thumb that I follow is to pick a guest list wisely so that there are no forced conversations and misunderstood banters at the end.

2. Define your budget

Next up, decide how much you want to spend. This is really important because the cost can really add up when you impulse buy. The best way to avoid overspending is to set a budget and stick to it. How much should you spend on a party? This is up to you but once you’ve set your budget, the real planning can start!

3. Send Out Invitation

Be professional by just make sure you let your guest know when it will be a couple of weeks in advance so that they can save the date and avoid people making conflicting plans. Personalized invitations can be a nice little touch for every special occasion like birthday, anniversary, engagement or a baby shower. Online invitations is also a convenient way but feeling like receiving a charming paper invite can make your guest is much more special. Don’t forget the dress code which brings us to our next point…

4. Pick Your Theme

Themed parties aren’t just for kids! Themes are a simple way to make sure your party is a hit, whether you’re planning a small get-together or a sprawling celebration. One of the most exciting and fun-filled parties use a theme of some kind. Deciding on an interesting theme can inspire youto work out which meal, tableware, music, decorations and drinks that matches your choice.  Set your own theme on the party such as Superhero, Glitter Gala, Neon Street, Gatsby, Hip-hop, Olympico or simple like All white affair. If you are entertaining guests, it’s important that your house looks, smells, feels good and sync with the theme.

5. Decide on the menu, buffets and food bars

This is obviously dependent on the theme if you have one (Previous topic). The important thing is to know how much food to serve per person (Topic Number 1). Set a suitable time for serving a meal will help your party flow easier. The starter menu should start with an interactive appetizer and some drinks 45-60 mins before the main course is served. The appetizer that you serve should not be too filling and rather should get the conversation started. Choose recipes that you can prep earlier in the day or the night before, so you’re just popping them in the oven when it’s party time. Or ideally, go buffet style! We’ve got your covered.

6. Stock Up Your Bar with cold drinks

We all want our guests to enjoy the party, but think about the drinks went out. Make sure you know what your guest most likely to drink. If not, Perhaps the perfect formula for meeting all guests’ alcohol desires during a party: 50% beer, 25% wine, and 25% liquor. Prepare some the basic drinks for every home bar: vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, and tequila will help your party flows till the end. For wine drinkers, use a wine calculator to buy the right amount of bottles. Whether you are planning on having a full bar, or just beer and wine, a signature cocktail can add a personal touch!

7. Set the Mood with Music and Lighting

Nothing makes a party or get together like good music. Open a simple soundtrack when your first guest arrives, they don’t feel like they’ve stumbled in too early. When starting the party, several apps let your guests contribute to the party playlist so you don’t have to play DJ the whole time. After your get get-together, you need to make sure the DJ keeps them there. DJ will help your party much more fun so you don’t need to worry about the music. A good DJ will read the room, know exactly what your guests want and give it to them, 90’s , Pop, Rock, EDM.

You may not think of lighting when you plan to set the party. Make your place even more party-worthy with LED deck lighting or fairy lights because this helps your guests to get-together and change the mood. Make sure that your lighting reflects the overall ambience of your party – choose dimmer lighting for a cozy get-together.

8. Stay Relaxed

Leave yourself an hour before guests arrive to freshen up, slip into something party-ready and light some candles for added ambiance. This creates a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you open the door with a big smile and cocktail in hand, of course. Don’t forget that, as the host, you set the tone, so a relaxed attitude will bring out the same in your guests.

9. Put safety first

Parties give people a chance to get together, socialize and have fun where alcohol come into the mix, risky behavior becomes more likely. A responsible host or hostess puts safety first, no matter the type of party they’re throwing. Make sure your home insurance policy is up to date, and includes liability coverage, so that you’re covered in case a guest is injured on your property.

10. Think of the end of the party.

If you host the party, walking away from the big stack of plates as if they weren’t there will make your guests feel more relaxed after the dinner has finished. If you rush off to deal with the mess, guests may feel compelled to help you or leave early. Plan about the late party if you guest using public transportation. Are people staying in hotels? or Can they getting taxi from your place? Having these plans in place will also make you look like a super thoughtful host. Left these topic with us, our staff will take care all about cleaning and take care of your guest like one of our family.